Nanores Announces Strategic Partnership with HB Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium and Wrocław, Poland

Nanores, the European pioneer in nanotechnology is pleased to announce a partnership with HB Antwerp, the largest diamond ecosystem in the Northtern hemisphere.


HB Antwerp and Nanores have entered a strategic partnership to add Nanores’ pioneering nanotechnology capabilities to the HB Ecosystem.

“This partnership will further strengthen HB’s closed-loop ecosystem,” said Margaux Donckier, Public Affairs Director of HB Antwerp. “Nanores’ technical expertise in nanotechnology will maximize the meticulous precision of HB’s diamond craftsmanship and create substantial value and customization for our clients.”

“HB Antwerp’s tremendous growth is a testament to their innovative artisanship, traceable supply chain, and groundbreaking ethical and sustainable initiatives,” said Paweł Modrzyński, Nanores’ Co-founder. “Nanores is excited to leverage our research and analytical services in nanotechnology to enhance HB’s state-of-the-art ecosystem that has disrupted a very conventional and conservative diamond industry.”

To formalize the partnership, HB Antwerp and Nanores have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and Nanores will become a part of the HB Ecosystem, a network ranging from tech companies to diamond producers to universities that work together to exchange their knowledge and experience. HB’s Ecosystem has helped the company deliver a streamlined and fully traceable diamond value chain. Adding Nanores will help HB develop next-generation scalable diamond transformation solutions.


About HB Antwerp
HB Antwerp turns the diamond supply chain upside down, starting with the customer. Using technology, we bring simplicity and transparency to a usually complex supply chain. Everything happens in a closed system, supported with the latest technologies and tracked with blockchain making it 100% transparent from diamond mine to market.

About Nanores
Nanores is a hi-tech venture builder for innovators, transforming scientific ideas into usable solutions. We combine the work of scientists, engineers, and business experts to build a technological future for people’s benefit.

zespół Nanores i zespół HB Antwerp


Nanores ended the Innovation Manager Academy program

Nanores Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. participated in the training and consulting program the Innovation Manager Academy, which raised the competences of employees in the field of creating and implementing innovations in the enterprise. Participation in the program was co-financed from European Funds.


EDS elemental analysis

Colored photos rarely appear on our website. After all, the electron microscope differs from the optical one 😉. This time, however, we will probably surprise you. One of our intern wanted to check the quality of the copper layer that the molybdenum wire was covered with (check out our last post). For this purpose she made a cross-section of the wire using our XePFIB microscope and analyzed the elemental composition using the EDS (Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) method. Thanks to this she could confirm that the copper plating was successful and the surface was covered with a continuous layer of metal.
EDS elemental analysis is a great tool to verify the production processes of, for example, thin layers, or to determine the distribution of elements in the sample volume. More information about the test is available here. Check it out 🙂!


From the internship journal

From internship journal 🙂.
We present the molybdenum wire after copper plating in edetic acid. What you can see is the crystallized copper salt.
The galvanization was carried out with the hydrated copper sulphate and complexing agent, precisely edetic acid, and with the use of formalin as a catalyst. It seems that copper plating is sufficient for further work Well done 👌.


Artistic FEBID/FIBID structure

At Nanores we use FEBID/FIBID (Focused Electron or Ion Beam Induced Deposition) every day to proctect the very top layers of samples before exposure to ion beam. Sometimes we use it as physical or electrical connection for some other projects of ours. This time, one of our Interns created something that is more of an piece of art rather than another prosaic structure. Don't you think it looks interesting?


GaFIB modification of gallium based material

Have you ever wondered what happens when a gallium-based material is modified with a focused beam of ions of the same element?
In the photo you can see the effect of just such an event.
Gallium grains precipitated under the modified GaAs surface and they are not small at all. Sometimes this may be expected, but it usually crosses our scientific plans. If we want to avoid this, we should modify the samples with a beam of another element, like xenon plasma.
Such a solution in Poland is only possible in our laboratory and we are proud of it and constantly improve our skills.
We invite you to cooperation!


Happy Easter!

Nanores Team wishes everybody a peaceful and safe Easter holidays!
Stay healthy :).


Nanores starts Innovation Manager Academy

Nanores Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. participates in the training and consulting program the Innovation Manager Academy, which aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills in the field of innovation management in the enterprise. Participation in the program is co-financed from European Funds.


Nanores in Formnext Expo in Frankfurt

Last week Nanores participated in Formnext Expo in Frankfurt ­– a leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing and all of its upstream and downstream processes. A number of 852 exhibitors of all sectors showed their best sides, starting with micrographed powder beads, visualization software for your CAD projects, 3D printers and components, to finish with fully shaped 3D models in all nano, micro or macro scales.

We are happy to be part of this event gathering over 34K visitors! Thank you and see you next year!



InterNanoPoland 2019

InterNanoPoland 2019 – Another edition of the largest scientific and business conference in Poland dedicated exclusively to nanotechnology has already ended.

We would like to thank the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support Foundation NANONET for organizing the event!

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